Precision Guidance

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Some Features Include

  •     • 10.4” touch screen color display
  •     • Performance/Productivity monitoring (fuel consumption, work rate, engine power, etc.)
  •     • Automatic area tracking based on hitch position
  •     • Auxiliary hydraulic remote flow and timer adjustments
  •     • Mapping fuel economy
  •     • AccuGuide™ or Lightbar only mode
  •     • Raven, Rawson and FlexiCoil FlexControl II control
  •     • Seed and Fertilizer rate adjustment
  •     • Seeding Rate adjustments
  •     • Yield and moisture monitoring and mapping
  •     • AutoBoom controls

Take a look at some CIH's in action and look for Pro700 videos!

Guide your ag business to the future from simple mapping and assisted steering to full auto guidance flow and application.


  •     • 8” touchscreen navigation is easy to set up and use
  •     • Add the Field-IQ™ crop input control system for variable rate and section control
  •     • Upgrade to GLONASS satellites to increase your machine runtime in the field
  •     • Manual and automated guidance with the EZ-Steer® assisted steering system and Autopilot™ automated steering system


  •     • Largest color touchscreen available: 12.1”
  •     • Two GPS+GLONASS Receivers provide precision with the vehicle and working implement behind the tractor
  •     • Easily perform prescription-based rate control
  •     • Deliver the correct amount of fertilizer

Pro 600

  •     • Fully customized color display
  •     • Prescription planting, as-applied mapping, automated overlap control, air carts and complete planter control
  •     • Yield, moisture monitoring, mapping and AFS® AccuGuide™ auto-guidance functions
  •     • Guidance-ready from the factory