Precision Guidance

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Some Features Include

  •     • 10.4” touch screen color display
  •     • Performance/Productivity monitoring (fuel consumption, work rate, engine power, etc.)
  •     • Automatic area tracking based on hitch position
  •     • Auxiliary hydraulic remote flow and timer adjustments
  •     • Mapping fuel economy
  •     • AccuGuide™ or Lightbar only mode
  •     • Raven, Rawson and FlexiCoil FlexControl II control
  •     • Seed and Fertilizer rate adjustment
  •     • Seeding Rate adjustments
  •     • Yield and moisture monitoring and mapping
  •     • AutoBoom controls

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Guide your ag business to the future from simple mapping and assisted steering to full auto guidance flow and application.


  •     • 8” touchscreen navigation is easy to set up and use
  •     • Add the Field-IQ™ crop input control system for variable rate and section control
  •     • Upgrade to GLONASS satellites to increase your machine runtime in the field
  •     • Manual and automated guidance with the EZ-Steer® assisted steering system and Autopilot™ automated steering system


  •     • Largest color touchscreen available: 12.1”
  •     • Two GPS+GLONASS Receivers provide precision with the vehicle and working implement behind the tractor
  •     • Easily perform prescription-based rate control
  •     • Deliver the correct amount of fertilizer

Pro 600

  •     • Fully customized color display
  •     • Prescription planting, as-applied mapping, automated overlap control, air carts and complete planter control
  •     • Yield, moisture monitoring, mapping and AFS® AccuGuide™ auto-guidance functions
  •     • Guidance-ready from the factory